Process Enginer and Associates is a well-known manufacturers of Heat Exchanger in India. Process Enginer and Associates produce a wide Range of High Performance & Durable Heat Exchanger Manufacturer, Quality Tested Products. Heavy Duty & Durable. Competitive Rates. Heat Exchanger are widely used in heating/ Cooling/ Heat.Heat exchangers are devices used to transfer heat between two or more fluid streams at different temperatures. Heat exchangers find widespread use in power generation, chemical processing, electronics cooling, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and automotive applications. Recovery Applications of various process fluids across many industries like lubrication, hydraulic, food, textile, marine, pharmaceutical, beverage, chemical and various industries flawless range. Customers can avail these dairy plants from us in several specifications to choose from.

Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchangers have become effective modern method of cooling or heating flowing liquids through the method of conduction. The application of the Plate Heat Exchangers is basically cooling the hotter liquid or heating the cooler liquid.
The heat transfer plates are thin sheets having corrugations and patterns which increase the surface area of the plate hereby increasing the efficiency of heat transfer through conduction. The liquid is prevented from flowing sideways by thick gaskets which seals the PHE and also directs the liquid to flow in the appropriate alternate channel. The plates are supported and aligned by the guide bars and tightened by bolts between stationary and pressure frame. The equipment can adjust the number of plates to meet the heat duty.

Flow of Fluid and Heat Exchange Mechanism

Heat Transfer plates L and R are of identical pattern. L when rotated 180 degrees become R and vice versa. The plates are arranged in LRLR or RLRL combination giving the PHE a honey comb pattern when looked from sideways.
The first plate – E plate is having all port holes covered with the gaskets as this plate is touching the stationary frame. This double seal gasket prevents the flow between the stationary frame and the first plate.

Plate Press Patterns

Herringbone pattern is adopted for the plate press because of its high heat transfer efficiency. Combining this plates together creates more contact points making it possible to obtain strong pressure resistance.
In this way, a complex channel is formed creating highly turbulent flows to obtain excellent heat transfer performance.

Plate Coil Heat Exchanger

We are manufacturers of laser welded Plate Coil heat exchangers.
Plate Coil heat exchanger are used in various applications for heating / cooling applications in vegetable oil, hvac, refineries and many other industries.
Plate Coil are most widely used in heat recovery applications.

Single side and double side embrossed plate coils.
2 mm thick ss sheet is used over which 1. 6 mm thick sheet is laser welded at precise spots.
The plates are later pressure tested at high pressures to check for leakage and strength.


  • Used in bulk milk coolers
  • Used in heat recovery applications in chimneys in refineries
  • Used in economizers in vegetable oil industry for heat recovery applications

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers offer the highest level of thermal efficiency and durability in a compact, low cost unit. The corrugated plate design provides very high heat transfer coefficients resulting in a more compact design. The units stainless steel plates are vacuum brazed together to form a durable, integral piece that can withstand high pressure and temperature.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers offer the highest level of leak protection, safety, thermal efficiency, and durability in a compact low cost unit.

  • True double wall construction including port regions
  • Double wall plate design with unique air vent leak paths
  • Complete peripheral braze for additional strength
  • Four dedicated leak ports for quick and easy leak detection
  • Excellent performance for domestic and potable water applications